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Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM)

Washington University Medical School provides services throughout the greater St. Louis area in order to make access to healthcare easier for patients. A major dermatology site is in the Center for Advanced Medicine located at the main campus for Barnes Jewish Hospital. This provides easier, convenient access for patients from West, South, and North County areas, along with those from Illinois.

When you choose a Washington University dermatologist, you have selected the best in the specialty. Our Dermatologists take your health seriously. Every physician, nurse, office staff, and manager possesses this value.

Our Center for Advanced Medicine location offers health care using leading edge equipment and procedures to treat a wide range of dermatologic conditions. We work closely with many other physicians and departments at Washington University, as well.


At this location, Dermatology and Oncology have teamed up to create a unique multidisciplinary medical clinic that specializes in the treatment of Cutaneous Lymphoma, helping improve the quality of life for these patients.


The most common form of Cutaneous Lymphoma is a Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma called Mycosis Fungoides or Sezary Syndrome. CTCL is a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a type of cancer of the immune system), and is cause by a mutation of T-cells.  These malignant cells often migrate to the skin causing a lesion(s) to appear – often in the form of red, scaly patches of skin.  Treatment is individualized and depends upon the symptoms and stage of the disease.  Treatment options include topical preparations, phototherapy, immunomodulatory agents, and chemotherapy.

4921 Parkview Place
Suite 5B
St. Louis, MO 63142
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Hours and Contact Information

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
(314) 362-2643
(314) 747-8693 - fax


Our Staff


Lynn A. Cornelius, M.D.
Milan J. Anadkat, M.D.

Amy C. Musiek, M.D.

Practice Manager
Don Geisler, L.P.N.