Patient Instructions for

Washington university grand rounds


You are invited to attend Dermatology Grand Rounds
Time: 7:15 am – 8:30 am
Place:Washington University School of Medicine,

Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM), 5th Floor, Suite B

4921 Parkview Place



Please park in the North Garage located at the corner of Parkview Place and Euclid Avenues. To reach this garage - take Kingshighway to Forest Park and make a right turn and go one block down to Euclid Avenue.  Make a right turn on Euclid.  (We will provide you with a validation ticket, which will pay 100% of your parking fee.)


Directions from the North Garage to the Center for Advanced Medicine:

Once parked in the North garage, go to the 3rd floor of the garage, and there is a walkway connecting the garage to the Center for Advanced Medicine. This walkway will bring you into the 3rd floor lobby of the CAM. Walk through the lobby past the gift shop toward a wooden paneled elevator bank. Take these elevators to the 5th floor. The Dermatology Clinic is located right off of the elevators in Suite B. Please, identify yourself as a patient and a resident will direct you to one of the patient rooms where they will take a short history from you to put on the door.


The format of Grand Rounds is that the physicians (usually 30-50 dermatologists, pathologists and students) will view you in your individual room. If your rash is in a covered area, you may either wear a bathing suit underneath your clothes or you will be asked to wear an examination gown.

Photographs will be taken of your rash to present at the conference. We try not to take photos which identify you, as your whole face. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken, please tell the doctor at that time. We also use these photos for teaching medical students and dermatology residents.


We hope this will be an interesting, informative and enjoyable situation for you. It is a great way to see many doctors at once and have your case discussed by some of the greatest dermatologists in the country. Our job is to make you better if we can!



Call: (314) 454-8622 or (314) 362-8180