Patient Care

Pediatric Dermatology

Pediatric Dermatology specializes in the care of children with skin disorders, whether they are mild or severe, acquired or genetic. This includes hair and nail treatments, as well.


Typical procedures performed include

  • skin biopsies and small excisions
  • laser treatment of vascular lesions
  • wart treatment
  • hair and nail diagnoses
  • laser treatments
  • excisions

Pediatric Dermatology provides comprehensive and sophisticated dermatologic care for children and adolescents. They are specifically trained in dermatology as well as pediatrics, and have specific knowledge of the needs of children's skin.
They work closely with other specialists at St. Louis Children's Hospital, including immunologists, rheumatologists, allergists, geneticists, surgeons and plastic surgeons.

The physicians are able to offer a wide range of therapeutic options in the office, such as skin biopsy, treatment of warts, small excisions of lesions and others. They have close access to light therapy for the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema.

Pediatric Dermatology is dedicated to helping children and their parents better understand skin ailments and how to treat and cope with them.


St. Louis Children's Hospital

Suite D, Second Floor

(314) 454-2714

(314) 454-4232


West County Location

969 N. Mason Road

Suite 220, Second Floor

Creve Coeur, MO 63141

(314) 996-8010

(314) 275-8892

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Children's Specialty Care Center

13001 North Outer Forty Road

Town and Country, MO  63017


Our Staff

Susan J. Bayliss, M.D., Clinical Director

Director, Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship

Carrie C. Coughlin, M.D.


Clinical Nurse Specialist

Mary Koenig , R.N.