Investigators with a focus on cutaneous biology research within the Division of Dermatology include individuals with a broad range of scientific focus and expertise.



Melanoma Signaling and Novel Imaging Modalities

Dr. Lynn Cornelius

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Epigenetic regulation of epidermal homeostasis and cutaneous malignancy

Dr. David Chen

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Matrix Biology
Dr. Gregory Goldberg

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Dr. Brian Kim

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Homeodomain Proteins in Epithelial Differentiation

Dr. Liang Ma

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morphogenesis and homeostasis of functional tissue barriers

Dr. Cristina de Guzman Strong

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Residents and medical students in our Division are encouraged to participate in independent research with clinical and basic science faculty.


Blood metabolite profiling in epidermolysis bullosa

Residents: Dr. Jamie Mull, Dr. Leo Shmuylovich, Dr. David Cotter (UCSD)

Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Susan Bayliss

Research Support:  American Academy of Dermatology

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The Skin Microbiome response to systemic isotretinoin acne therapy

Resident: William H. McCoy IV, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Student: Elaine Otchere B.S.
Faculty Mentors: Caroline M. Mann, M.D. and Makedonka Mitreva, Ph.D.
Research Support: American Acne and Rosacea Society Clinical Research
Grant 2015

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