June 2006












History & Physical Exam:

A 21 year old Caucasian female was referred to Barnes/ Jewish Dermatology clinic for a history of a pruritic eruption secondary to either natural light or tanning beds. The patient had discontinued tanning and limited her exposure to sunlight over the past 6 months because of an increasing sensitivity to light. She stated that she would react within a few minutes to light exposure. The patient was placed in a UVA light box for 40 seconds. As a result of an absencet response, she was immediately placed in a UVB light box for 50 seconds. No reaction to the light occurred and the patient went to the neighboring SunKiss tanning beds. She returned to our clinic with the erythematous plaques shown in Figs. 1 & 2 after less than one minute in the tanning bed. This rash resolved within 30 minutes.

Skin biopsy was performed.



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