July 2000

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History: The patient is a 36 5/7 week gestational age male born to a 15 year old G1P0 female via Cesearean section for frank breech presentation. Dysmorphic features were noted on delivery. APGAR scores were 8'9'. Cardiovascular support for transient bradycardia and hypoglycernia was provided, and the patient was transferred on room air ventilation to the neonatal intensive care unit for further management.

Physical Examination: On physical examination the patient weighed 2355 g, in the 15th percentile of weight for gestational age. The skin was erythrodermic and covered with dense yellow waxy scale with deep linear fissures (figure 1, 2). Marked ectropion and eclabium were present, with patent nares and malformed ears. There was edema of distal extremities with hypoplasia of digits and nails.



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