July 1999

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History: The patient is 2 day old male infant who was born after a normal gestation and uncomplicated vaginal delivery. Approximately 16 hours after delivery, the patient was irritable and had developed a scarlatiniform exanthem eruption over his trunk and extremities. Shortly thereafter, he was noted to have bullae

Physical Examination: Bullae were present on the trunk and extremeties. Skin peeling and erosions (Figs 1, 2) were noted with accentuation in the flexural areas and around body orifices. The Nikolsky sign was positive in clinically uninvolved skin. There were no oral lesions. His temperature was 99° F.

Laboratory: WBC 12.5, CBC and serum chemistries were otherwise normal. Chest x-ray revealed a coarse pattern of bilateral perihilar infiltrates consistent with aspiration vs. infection.


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