December 2008






History: 60 y/o white male with a history of a peripheral T-cell lymphoma (unspecified), originally diagnosed July 2007, S/P CHOP and autologous SCT, with new red bumps on skin for one month.  The initial lesion was on upper chest, but he now presents with multiple bumps chest, back, and UEs.  The areas are asymptomatic.  He denies fevers, chills, or lymphadenopathy, but does admit to unintentional weight loss (10 lbs in past 2 months) and night sweats.  He had a normal bone marrow biopsy one month before his presentation to our clinic.


Past Medical History: Peripheral T-cell lymphoma S/P CHOP & autologous SCT

Medications: None

Social History: Noncontributory

Family History: Noncontributory


Physical Exam: Thin, cachetic appearing male. Significant findings included scattered pink infiltrated papules on the chest, back, and UEs (Figures 1 & 2), along with a 5cm x 3.5cm eroded nodule on the R upper back (Figure 3). No palpable LAD.


Labs: Significant for a persistent anemia and thrombocytopenia since SCT.

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