February 2012






History: 86-year-old white female with history of mycosis fungoides and multiple non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) presented with a two month history of an enlarging pink ulcerated nodule on her upper back. The patient reported associated pruritus and bleeding.  She denied systemic symptoms.

Past Medical Hx: mycosis fungoides, multiple NMSC.

Family Hx: Parents had skin cancer.

Allergies: NKA.

Medications: TMC 0.1% Oint AAA’s BID.

Physical Exam: Erythematous nodules on chest (Fig.1), a 2.5cm ulcerated erythematous plaque on left upper back (Fig.2) which progressed to a 7cm ulcerated crusted, nodular plaque in few weeks (Fig.3).

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