June 2017







51 yo African American Female who presented to the ED with a 3-day history of itchy rash on trunk and extremities and face. Denies oral or genital sores. She does have a history of severe eczema. Takes Tylenol for joint pain at times. Otherwise, she is on no medications.

Past Medical History:


Family History:

Reviewed and non-contributory

Social History:

Denies smoking, alcohol, or drug use. Denies recent travel


No Known Drug Allergies

Physical Exam:

Edematous, annular papules and plaques at the upper chest(Fig.1)

Figures 2: Edematous papules, some with central erosions and edematous plaques, some with central clearing and 1-3mm tense bullae at the border on the face and neck (Fig.2).

Scattered erythematous papules, some with erosion and crusting (Fig.3).


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