March 2011







History: 67 yo AAF presented to clinic with ulcerated papules on her abdomen, scalp, and face.

Past medical history: Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, recurrent urinary tract infections, asthma

Medications: Albuterol, Cymbalta, Carbidopa-Levodopa, Hctz, Vitamin D, Lexapro, Nitrofurantoin, Metoprolol, Advair.

Physical Exam: hyperpigmented ulcerated papules on the lower abdomen, scalp, and left upper eyelid (Figs.1, 2).  No lymphadenopathy.


Labs: WBC 6.1, Hgb 12.3, Plt 136, normal differential; BMP, LFTs within normal limits. 

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