November-December 2014





HPI: 41 year old Caucasian female with no significant past medical history who presented for evaluation of a lesion on her right thigh. At the time of the initial visit, she reported that the lesion had been present for one year, however over the past few months felt it had been enlarging. She denied pain, pruritus or bleeding.

Physical examination: A four to five millimeter erythematous firm papule with an eight millimeter subcutaneous component was located on the right thigh. A shave biopsy was performed.

FIGURE 1: Clinical 1

PMH: No history of skin cancer.

Social Hx: Never used tobacco. Social drinker.

Family Hx: Mother – NMSC.

Allergies: Sulfa drugs.

Medications: IUD in place.

Laboratory results: None.


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