Associate Residency Program Director Change

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Heather Jones will be our new Associate Residency Program Director, starting July 1. Dr. Jones is a passionate and dedicated clinician and educator, caring for some of our most complex patients, participating in multi-disciplinary work with rheumatology in lupus clinic, consistently innovating in resident education, and engaging in medical education-related scholarly work. She is also our 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year. Dr. Jones will be an outstanding addition to our residency program leadership!

This is a bittersweet announcement as it is signals the departure of our current APD, Dr. Kara Sternhell-Blackwell. Dr. Blackwell has been an incredible mentor, educator, and clinician for many years at Wash U Dermatology. She has been a trusted advisor and advocate, and a thoughtful caring mentor to our residents and junior faculty over the years. We will all miss her greatly. We wish her well in the next phase of her career, and are pleased she will still be practicing in the area!