The Division of Dermatology, in conjunction with the Department of Medicine, offers an exceptional career development experience through its Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP).

Our program supplants the traditional “2+2” model with structured mentorship, a stipend during clinical years, a generous salary bonus during the third residency year, and continued support while working toward a K08 or equivalent as a non-tenured faculty member following residency.

Moreover, the PSTP candidate receives exceptional fundamental clinical training through an internship in medicine, pediatrics, or surgery at world-class Washington University-affiliated hospitals. At the completion of the second year of residency, and with the approval of the faculty and the American Board of Dermatology, the PSTP candidate will spend approximately 80% laboratory time in the third residency year.

The Dermatology PSTP is part of the school’s broader Oliver Langenberg Physician Scientist Program, the nation’s oldest institutionally endowed post-graduate physician scientist training program. As such, the Dermatology PSTP candidate receives guidance and support from the distinguished scientists directing the Oliver Langenberg PSTP while enjoying the camaraderie of PSTP candidates in other departments.

Dermatology PSTP candidates may pursue research within a laboratory of appropriate interest within any department at Washington University School of Medicine and with principal investigators within the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, allowing our candidates to take full advantage of the cutting edge research in immunology, genomics, infectious diseases, and beyond at our institution, a top-five NIH funded academic center affiliated with 25 Nobel laureates and currently home to the largest medical scientist training program in the country.

As part of their training, dermatology PSTP candidates are encouraged to pursue a rigorous preliminary year for internship, which can be done at Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University. However, dermatology PSTP candidates have the flexibility to complete internship at another institution if they choose.


  • Support from the oldest institutionally-endowed physician scientist training program
  • Exceptional clinical fundamentals attained during internship at one of the affiliated hospitals of Washington University
  • Structured mentorship from the PSTP program beginning in internship
  • Dinners, lunches, speaker series, and social events with PSTP candidates in all departments
  • Education stipends in PGY1 (if done at Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University), PGY2, and PGY3
  • Salary bonus in PGY4
  • Opportunity to become an Instructor or Post-Doctoral Scholar within the Department of Medicine, Division of Dermatology upon completion of the program to continue as non-tenured research faculty
  • Mentored support throughout toward attainment of K08/equivalent
  • Opportunity to work in any appropriate laboratory at Washington University

Applicants will be required to apply through ERAS for the Physician Scientist Track, Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University Dermatology program (NRMP code: 1353080A1).  Applicants will only be considered for one of our two dermatology tracks; if an applicant has applied to both tracks, it will be assumed they are interested in the Physician Scientist Track and they will not be considered for the standard three-year advanced dermatology track. Additionally, applicants are strongly encouraged to, but not required to, apply for the Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University Internal Medicine-Preliminary program (NRMP: 1353140P0)