The Division of Dermatology is committed to ensuring our patients’ health and welfare. We strive to maintain the health and safety of our community, physicians and staff, while caring for our patients’ skin needs.

Notice to Dermatology Patients on COVID-19 Response

During these challenging times, our physicians and staff are working hard to maintain clinical operations so that we can continue to provide the highest quality of healthcare to our patients.  Outlined below are some of the steps that we are taking to protect our patients and staff.

Measures we are taking to help keep you SAFE and HEALTHY:

  • We screen staff and providers daily for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to beginning patient sessions.
  • Exam rooms are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after each patient visit.
  • Staff and providers will be wearing protective eyewear and a mask.
  • We have placed restrictions on how many people can be in our waiting rooms to allow for social distancing.  We are also making every attempt to place patients directly into the exam rooms to avoid time spent in public areas.
  • We will contact you the day before your appointment to follow-up.
  • You will receive some appointment reminders.

To promote health and safety, we are asking for your help in the following ways:

Patient Guests – In order to satisfy social distancing precautions, we are no longer able to allow multiple people to attend appointments with patients.  Patients should plan to attend appointments alone if at all possible. If you must be accompanied by a family member or friend, please keep in mind that only one person will be allowed in with you.  Children under 16 are not allowed as guests.

Universal Masking Please wear a mask during your visit. Due to the need to conserve our masks for our health care providers, we ask that you bring a mask with you. Please do not wear a mask with a ventilation opening.  If you do not have one, we will provide one.

Telemedicine Check-in Online If you have MyChart, you have the option to reduce the time you are at the check-in desk by completing the eCheck-in.

Bring Reading Material We suggest you bring your own reading material or use our GUEST WIFI while waiting for your provider in the exam room.  To maintain hygiene, we no longer have magazines available to be shared.

Sending pictures to your doctor

  • For tips on how to take high-quality photos of your skin lesion or rash, please click here.
  • See the video tutorial below reviewing how to use MyChart to communicate with your dermatologist and send pictures or other files from your computer:

The video tutorial below reviews how to use MyChart to communicate with your dermatologist and send pictures or other files from your mobile device:

Providing consent for telemedicine

We ask that you complete a specific telemedicine consent form, which you can find here: Informed Consent for Telehealth Consultation. Once you complete this form, please take a picture of it or scan it, and send it to your dermatologist through MyChart. If you are not currently enrolled in MyChart, please request access here.

For minor and adolescent patients, the forms listed below allow a caregiver or family member access to the minor or adolescent’s MyChart account:

MyChart Proxy Application for Minor Patients 0-11 Years
MyChart Proxy Application for Adolescent Patients 12-17 years